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Why are we letting the medications we only need in emergencies control our wallets every day?

Dear Future President,

My name is Kate. I am a senior at Cadillac High School. I am also currently studying to become a Nurse Assistant at the Career Technical Center in my area. Recently, I have been seeing a lot of issues regarding Epi-pen prices.

Patients all over the nation are witnessing the growth in prescription prices. Many are questioning why we have extreme prices for emergency medications that people may not have to use at all before it expires. The patients who need Epi-pens for emergencies and buy this medication every year are watching the money fly out of their wallets. The price of Epi-pens can range any where from $100-$700 with co-pay for two pens and upwards of $1500 dollars for four pens. For many people this could be money better spent somewhere else (“Have You..). Yes, this is a necessity for those that have severe allergies but we should not let big corporations take over our wallets.

I have found that there are different ways to get $100 off coupon for Epi-pens. Even with this coupon there are still families that will have to pay the full price.

As a future Health Care Professional I find it extremely important that patients receive the best care they can get without having to stress over medication costs. I want to know that my patients will have their health at the utmost importance and not fear that they can’t afford to go into a the doctor’s office because they have already spent so much on medications alone.

My vision for the future is that patients will be able to have affordable medications and other health services and not feel burdened with financial stress.


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