Emma Vermont

Syrian Refugee Crisis 2016

The Syrian refugee crisis isn't something to joke about- the refugees are just going to keep coming. Will your presidency make the change?


Dear, Future President:

I believe that we should be creating a more efficient screening process to ensure that more refugees will be given shelter.

I believe that these people are scared and hurt, their home has turned to rubble before there eyes. We need to give them a new home where they can be safe and happy.

You should care about this because these people have undergone trauma and they need help to begin being treated human again. Because it is not human to have to run from your homeland, It is not human to put other people in danger because of your beliefs. ISIL is endangering so many people, we don’t have to endure our home being destroyed the least we can do is give these people refuge, for good or until ISIL is stopped. I know political figures like Paul Ryan are saying, "Look, we've always been a generous nation taking in refugees. But this is a unique situation. This is a situation where you have single men coming over, which is not women and children," How is this a unique situation, when people were fleeing the war in Afghanistan, we had the same debate. It does not make us a unique nation to refuse refugees, it does not make us special.

The way you can help is to create and enforce a new fast, efficient screening process so we can get more people that are allowed to be here into homes as fast as we can. We also need to come up with a system to get these refugees employed so they can get homes and keep their family healthy and not hungry. It is your job for you to listen to the needs of these people. You need to make this country the best it can be, people need to feel safe. You need to care because it is impacting these people's lives. You need to care because the more time we waste the more people are hopeful for resettlement and find out they are now homeless.

I know that many governors have said no to letting refugees into their states, According to CNN, 31 U.S states have denied refugees, if we are able to help these people we should, Lebanon and Jordan were able to help and they did. Together Lebanon and Jordan are estimated to of spent more than 2.8 million dollars already this year according to National Public Radio (NPR). NPR also stated that Syrians are about to replace Afghans for the biggest refugee community. As president your job is to care, your job is to help other countries too, it’s all apart of global cooperation. Once this blows over I bet you Syria will come to our aid if we need it. And we very well may need it.


Emma Anderson