Noah B. Virginia

Refugee Admittance

Our current president allows many refugee's into our country, which has been proven to be linked to many terrorist attacks, imposing increased harm onto our people.

Dear President,

Terrorism is one of the biggest issues that we face together as a country. Our people are all helpless victims of fear and uncertainty projected onto them by terrorists. Despite what most of us want to believe, many terror attacks and potential terror attacks have been revealed to be linked to refugees admitted into our country. Though it has proven to be an issue and threat to our citizens, our leader and potential future leaders continue making plans to increase the number of refugees taken into the United States. It is understandable, our leaders only want to be of help and accept these people into their gracious arms. As good people, we should all want to help, but when actions such as this put the people of our country in the face of danger, we need the courage to say no. We need you President. Helping these people is not the right thing to do when it endangers the people that already live here.

Try and remember the 9/11 attacks, we were all affected that day. It is a dreadful event that we must never let happen again. The steps taken by our President now are faulty and full of misjudgment. Did you know that president Obama has admitted a record number of refugees? In just 2016, Obama has brought in a total 38,901 Muslim refugees. He plans to bring in 100,00 refugees into the country by the end of 2016. He has not evaluated the danger of the situation he places us in, and with no disrespect, he has failed to make good calls. Hillary Clinton, a supporter of refugee admittance, admitted herself that there is no possible way to vet all of the refugees to know that they are safe. There is no guaranteed way to admit these refugees safely, and the people bringing them over know it themselves. We need your guidance to protect us and make the right decisions. Since 2014, hundreds of terror attacks have been identified and thankfully stopped. Dozens of them were discovered to be linked to refugees aiding terrorist groups.

The people of this country need you to keep us safe. We should not have to live in fear. I am afraid for the safety of our people president. We should be taking steps to prevent events like the 9/11 attacks, not feeding the fire and presenting more opportunities for life impacting tragedies. Please, offer us clarity in this moment of confusion. Have the strength to make these difficult decisions. These are desperate times President, we need your listening ears and influential hands to protect this country.

                                                                                                                 God Bless,

                                                                                                                                        Noah B.                                                                                                                Works Cited

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