America and Immigration

The good and bad of immigration

Dear, President Elect

Although I am not an immigrant, I know many close to me that are. Statistics shows that 19 percent of America is immigrants (61 million). There are many reasons why people want to immigrate but in this letter I want to write about main details about immigration and the good and bad of immigrants. But my main point is this letter is why we need to provide a better environment for our immigrants.

There are many reasons for people to immigrate, simple reasons such as seeking better opportunities, a country crisis, forced removal, or simply just wants to move to another country. I would say the most talked about reason to immigration is a country crisis. A country crisis usually leads up to being a refugee, a refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Another common one is simply just wanting to move to another country.

When it comes to immigration and refugees I can personally connect to this. My dad is a refugee from Laos himself and so are his brothers and sisters. I would say immigration isn't a bad thing, I would say it’s a pathway to many new opportunities in a new country. There are many effects for immigration not just on the person himself but the country/city they are moving to. Some countries either take immigration in a good way or a bad way. One way they can see it is that immigration can create a greater economic value. Another way they can see is that immigration are a LIABILITY to the economy.

I think a positive way of seeing integrators is to see how greatly they improve our economy financially wise. Another way is to just to think about it how are immigrants personally are affecting you. But I think that the government hasn't done enough to give immigration a better environment and reputation.

So it's up to you. Mr. President. Are you willing to pay attention to immigration and refugees more and do something about it? Will there be a generation where immigration will have a good and positive perspective. Or will we still be giving immigrants a bad rep. The power is in your hand and you can stop this Mr. President. 

Sincerely                                                                                                                                                        .   . @kongmalay_phoenix

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Period 6 and 7

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