Kiara P. North Dakota

Price To Party

Concert tickets cost to much for some fans.

Dear Future President,

There is a problem. Not a very large one, but it still matters. The problem that event tickets or meet and greet tickets cost way too much. To some, this doesn’t matter. For a pretty large group, it does.

To show how expensive tickets have gotten. Rolling Stones tickets used to cost $8 now they can cost up to $350. Most people can’t afford that. Another example is the cheapest tickets for a Twenty One Pilots concert is $57. That is still pretty expensive to some fans wanting to see the people who have changed their lives. So are meet and greet tickets. A fan shouldn’t have to pay a couple hundred dollars to see the person for a minute – 30 seconds. All you get is a hug, picture and to say hello. They are people too! It shouldn’t cost that much.

A fan brought this up to Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. They brought up how expensive it was for them to meet him and the three others for such a short period of time. Patrick even agreed via Twitter that they were right. People shouldn’t have to pay so much to meet artists who are just like them, buts hit a spot of luck in their life.

There are two ways this could be fixed. One being setting a limit to how expensive a ticket can cost. Not too expensive, but not so cheap the artist can’t profit from it. The other one being that after an artist has a sound check or a couple hours before the concert. They set up a mini meet and greet area. Where fans can actually meet the artist and maybe talk to them for a little bit. While charging a small fee. Not a huge one that few can afford.

The fans are a major key to a band or singer. Without fans they couldn’t be where they are today. So making tickets cheaper would be a way to give back. Sure this may not be a world threatening problem, but it is still important. It would be nice is someone In high power could do something for a smaller group.