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Abortion is Murder

We need to think about abortion. Abortion is murder.

Dear Future President,

I am very concerned about how many babies are being murdered by abortion each year. Many people feel that abortion is against nature, while others feel like abortion is absolutely fine. Why should anyone else decide what to do with your life? 

Abortion occurs throughout the United States. In the year 2011, there were 1.06 million fetuses with their lives cut short in the womb. The highest abortions in 2011 occurred in California with 180,730, New York with 138,370, and Florida with 84,990. The fewest abortions occurred in North Dakota (1,250), South Dakota (600), and Wyoming (120).

Women most commonly get abortions between the ages of 20-24, which account for 32.8% of all abortions. This is concerning since women can die trying to get abortions. In 2011, two women died as a result of known legal abortions. From 1973-2010 420 women have died while getting an abortion. 

Think of how many could’ve had lived and had a great and successful life. Why should an innocent child have to give up his/her life just because of their biological parents' mistake? If you aren’t ready to take care of another then don’t risk the chance. There are also other options than abortions. You could also place your child up for adoption or foster home. They at least deserve a chance. Abortion is murder.