Stevon M. North Dakota

“Black Lives Matter”

Black lives are very short because police are very currupt

Dear future president, Today I would like to address that what has been going on with the Black People in or country. They are getting shot and killed left and right and need to be something to do about it. Like the Ferguson Case they got some justice but not all the justice they needed for everything that happened that day. Also we need to stop the messed up police and have a fair and safe for everyone and not be pulled over because they are black and seem that they are up to no good. Blacks are always Falsely accused for things they don’t even when they don’t do the crime or they just get blamed because the color of their skin.

There are many blacks getting falsely accused with rape or stealing. Even with the stereotypes like saying blacks are related in like the Bloods or Crips, yes it’s true that a lot of blacks are in the Bloods and Crips but it is not right that all blacks are compared to the people in the Bloods and Crips some people are like the same person trying to get a education and graduate from high school like everyone else in life and trying to build a future for you and whatever comes ahead. So Dear Future President Letter I would love to see racism go away and have equal way of things in the crime system. 

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 2

Mr. Thomas' 2nd Hour Junior English

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