Dawson r. North Dakota

Football should be our national sport

Football should be our national sport because it brings alot of people together, and is a very exciting sport.

Dear President,

Congratulations on becoming president.

In our modern world we are separated with the people who love football and the people who want to love football. We don’t stop to consider we don’t have a national while average world series views are only 14.7 million. The average super bowl viewers are 114.4 million. Only recently we realize that football is the only sport that grabs your attention for every waking moment. But there are plenty of other ways why football is the best sport.

First in rivalries, it brings out the best in both teams to really extend that playoff atmosphere. Another good reason why football should be our national sport. 1.) There are no single day of the year where a family gets together to play baseball or basketball, such as the Super Bowl.

2.) The super bowl is so intense because it isn’t best out of 7 teams, its best out of 2 teams. It defines the term “no tomorrow”. Also the funny super bowl commercials families enjoy a true American hit.

We should have football as our national sport, because it brings a lot of people together. Also look at the NFL’s motto “football is family”.


Dawson Reich

Hazen, ND