Jaydn A. North Dakota

Coal Power

Coal power is not only efficient, but it is becoming clean.

Dear Future President, 

 Everyone needs electricity, everyone. Whether it’s for your car, house, cell phone, tv, or whatever it is, that needs power. Because of the growing population we are going to need more and more power. Pretty soon people are going to have to be going without power. Hydro power and wind power can only get us so far. Some days the wind won’t blow, or the water won’t flow. Sure they make power, but we need more than that. Nuclear power, on the other hand, makes quite a bit of power, but after all it is nuclear. It uses nuclear substances that does amazing amounts of harm to humans and wildlife. You might think ‘’I could go without power,’’ but you would be surprised on how much we rely on it.

But there is another kind of power: coal. Coal burning plants produces about 90% of the nation’s power. That is a lot of power if you haven’t noticed. There is also enough coal deposits in the US to power the world for the next 300 years. That’s not the nation, that’s the world. The nation has only 600 coal plants. If we want to supply the growing population with power we have to raise those numbers quite a bit. And yet people still want to close them down. Some people think they are ‘’Too harmful’’ and that we should get rid of them. They used to be harmful but they are getting better

Not only do power plant create power, but they create much needed jobs. And that is something our nation needs. Power plants do create pollution, but from 1970 to 2015 emissions from coal plants have decreased by 92%. Imagine what can happen in the next 30 years. Coal plants are the future.

Yours truly,