trevor johnson North Dakota

drug abuse

Drug abuse is getting worse and worse.

Dear Mr. /Mrs. President,

There is a problem in the US that I know you know about but I feel should be addressed further.

Drug abuse is dangerous and many people die or get hospitalized from drug abuse every day. I think we should do more to prevent drug abuse. We should make more rehabs and instead of going to jail for drugs go to rehab. I think the longer we wait the more people are going to die.

My cousin almost died from doing drugs and he was put in the hospital; my aunt had to painfully watch her son die slowly but she was lucky since he survived and he is doing well now.

In 2014, alone 10.2% of Americans age 12 and up used illicit drugs. The estimated cost of drug abuse exceeds 190 billion dollars. But I know we can fix this. In 2003 cocaine use of Americans age 12 and up was 2.3 million people but we got it down to 1.5 million people in 2014. So, Mr. /Mrs. President what will you do to stop this killer?


A concerned US citizen