Dylan $. North Dakota

Global Warming

what can we Americans do to help lower green House Gasses

Dear Future President,

I’m writing about coal and global warming. People think with those power plants that smoke is coming out but that’s not true. That is really hot steam. There are many incorrect beliefs about coal plants just like this. Our local power plants have done a lot to try and reduce the amount of pollution they release.

The EPA is concerned about global warming because there is about 7.2 billion metric tons of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. Two thousand five was the warmest year ever recorded since 1850. Sea levels are rising. Glaciers are melting. Animals and plants are becoming endangered. Weather is becoming more intense. There are many other factors besides coal contributing to this.

So Mr. President what can we do to help with this?

Is there a way we can cut down on EPA greenhouse gasses?