Max. V. Texas

Broken Healthcare

Healthcare is broken in america and we can fix it.

Dear U.S. President,

Our Health care is a problem. It has become so corrupt that the only way to stay really healthy is to be lucky or be rich. What if you don't have money and you got very sick, well you could live in debt forever or leave the disease or injury alone and risk suffering more incredible pain or even death. David Cecere and the Cambridge Health Alliance did some research and found that 45,000 people die each year because of their lack of health care. So many more don't have health care to protect them from getting sick.

The U.S.A. has some amazing ideas and concepts that were born with it, but all politicians think that everything is perfect just because they get money. But letting people with less privileges then another die just because they can't pay for medical help is horrible and should never happen. It does 45,000 times a year simply because the government is terrified of real change. Anyone who wants to be president should never have any power. The mind set and amount of money you need is just disgusting. Anyone who has the mindset of wanting to rule the world, to control hundreds of million lives. That person won't worry about thousands of lives being lost.

Fixing Medical care in a incredible easy fix. Every problem in health care is money. Doctors give out drugs like candy for no reason and get rewarded with huge paychecks. This weird broken system is only in the U.S. and costs americans so much, it pointless and it hasn't changed for years. People who have it good hate change because it takes their money away, but people with money control change so they stop change just so they can keep their petty cash. The fix does require slightly increasing tax and I can see why people wouldn't like that but you can put a price on a human life, Most people would easily give a hundred dollars to save 45,000 lives even if they didn't have a hundred dollars to give. I believe people want to help but they just don't want that help to interfere with their daily lives.

Let's fix health care, not for us but for the people who suffer because they're scared of losing the little money they have. For the families who are affected by pain but scared to buy treatment. Let's take that fear and replace it with a little hope. If someone is worried about their health they should be able to get checked out for free because if there is something wrong it's always better to catch it early. To save lives but people volunteering to be saved not forced by pain.



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