Riyan K. Texas

Border Patrol for Mexican Immigration

The action called for decreasing the flocks of Mexican Immigration, but not everyone said that was the best solution.

Dear Future President,

Congrats on the election! It must be really neat to be the president of a great country. You get to sit in the oval office and watch your country skyrocket into a stronger nation, but also there is hard work. In your upcoming terms as president, you will encounter many social issues around us that need a solution such as poverty, ISIS, and even issues like Border Patrol for Mexican immigration. Many immigrants are crossing the border into the US as illegals. They are living on American land, bringing in crime, and not paying their taxes. Border Patrol was an action called to keep immigrants out, but that doesn’t seem like the proper call of action.

The United States of America is one of the top countries in the world with a GDP of $16.8 trillion, while Mexico is ranked 27th with a GDP of $1.3 trillion, all according to usnews. I can see why immigrants are crossing the border. Based on these facts, the USA has a much more broader economic industry and a better economic advantage than Mexico. Another source, seattleglobalist.com, shows that Mexico has a great socioeconomic gap, meaning there are a few very rich men who are building their empires, while there are more than 50 million people suffering from extreme poverty, causing flocks of immigrants into our American soil. These few problems that Mexican immigrants have on their national turf is beyond imagination, but that does not mean that they can flee their country and live as illegals and bring crime in another. It certainly doesn’t give them the right to get off paying taxes. Border Patrol has decreased the amount of immigrants that came into our country, but there are a few problems with Border Patrol.

First, they use excessive force to keep Mexican immigrants out, according to npr.org. Also, when there is security or an obstacle in the world, for a fact, many people are encouraged to test their limits. The Border Patrol will keep some immigrants out, but at the same time more immigrants will be more sneaky in crossing. Using excessive force will help nobody.

So instead of using money to build walls and ensure protection, can’t we just donate some money to the countries, especially Mexico that need that financial help? I am not saying that would stop all immigration problems, but if we were really serious about stopping illegal immigration, then the least we could do is try. Also, Mexico is our partner and our friend. We trade with each other under NAFTA, so helping them is like lending a hand. If we get their trust, we could really turn things around and work together. So let us take as a stand and help a struggling friend!


Riyan, 13

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