Joshua G. Texas

Illegal immigration

Stop illegal immigration before it is too late.

Dear Future President :

Illegal immigration needs to stop. With over 11,000,000 Illegal immigrants in America it is tearing our strong nation apart. These Immigrants are crossing the border illegally and hoping to one day be a citizen. They shouldn't be rewarded citizenship, for they should be deported back to their main land.

There is over 11 million illegal immigrants in our Nation. Unemployed Americans should be working instead of the immigrants. The illegal immigrants generally don't pay taxes. They send the money they make back to their families in other countries. The United States is also spending money on educating and providing healthcare to illegal immigrants and their children, which is putting us in debt. With the amount of illegals in USA at the moment we are at risks that our own kids might grow up and not be able to get a job. We are a strong Nation and the immigrants are breaking our borders and our laws. They are making our Nation not strong and our economy as well.

Illegal immigration is about 3.5% of the National population, but 7% of K-12 students have parents that are illegal immigrants to the US. There is more immigration coming in illegally every year from different countries too. That means it is possible in one year illegal immigrant parents could be as high as 10% of K-12 students.

Many people are saying that we need to help illegals, but I believe they are wrong. The US Government is already in debt and we should fix our problems before we help other people's problems.

This country was built on immigration, however, we need to make sure you are a citizen first. If you legally support this country (as a citizen) then we will support you. We need to deport illegal immigrants before it is too late. We need to make America great again.


Joshua G.

Cedar Valley M.S. - Roberts' ELA

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