Noah K. Texas

Alternative Energy Sources

Why we need to start using alternative energy sources

Dear future president of the United States,

As of right now, the U.S. is number two in energy consumption globally. And the fact that 81% of all this energy is coming from burning fossil fuels shows that we are relying too much on non-renewable sources. According to, at the rate the world is using fossil fuels, they will only get us as far as 2088. Though this may not affect our time period, it could be harmful to the future generation. We all know that fossil fuels will run out eventually, but if we are not prepared to rely on a different energy source when the time comes, the results could be disastrous, which is why I think we should think about relying on alternative energy sources more.

Using alternative energy sources would decrease the amount of pollution. When burned, fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and is the leading cause for the release of greenhouse gases. They also produce global warming emissions. According to, harnessing non-renewable sources cause harm to ecosystems with oil spills and coal mining. But worst of all, they bring harm to humans. According to, it is estimated that mining accidents kill 12,000 people per year globally.

On the other hand, alternative energy is a clean source that produces little to no global warming emissions, therefore having a healthier impact on our environment. According to, studies show that workers’ health issues are improving from working in coal mines to working for harnessing alternative energy fuels. While some say that because harnessing alternative energy is a new technology and has a larger capital cost, in the long run, using alternative energy will benefit our economy more by creating jobs and being cheaper to use.

Because using alternative energy has many benefits for us compared to using fossil fuels, I believe that we should start looking into the use of renewable energy sources. They will help our country in many different aspects.  

Future president, I hope you consider relying more on alternative energy sources and as president, you can lead others to believe the same.

Sincerely, Noah K.

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