Andres M. Texas

War on Terror

Why war on terror needs to stop.

Dear President,

Terrorism has been a big deal over the last couple of years. Many innocent people have been killed in terrorist attacks. This needs to stop. War on terror started after the September 11 attacks and has lasted for more than 15 years. It needs to end now. The reason it hasn’t ended is because we’re not trying. By enforcing troops in the Middle East and in other places, we could end terrorist groups, like ISIS. If we let them grow, they may attack again.

As a president, you are responsible to protect citizens whose lives may be endangered by terrorists. This can be done by fighting them and slowly diminishing their forces. According to a IHS Conflict Monitor report, by October of 2016, ISIS lost about 16% of their territory since the beginning of 2016. With help of other countries we could easily defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups like it. Many people have lost their loved ones in attacks by terrorists, and we must defeat them. CNN has stated that 143 ISIS attacks in 29 countries, have killed 2,043 people. All those innocent people died because ISIS hasn’t been stopped. This is why we need to take action.

Some people might argue that many soldiers are risking and have lost their lives fighting terrorists. This is true, but it is possible that many more citizens get killed in future attacks by these terrorists if they get strong enough to attack again. Fighting terrorists is the only way to weaken them and defeat them. This is why we need to enforce the troops fighting against them.

Terrorist forces must be stopped now. Far too many innocent people have died because of the. War on Terror has lasted too long and now is the chance to end it, along with the terrorist groups we have been fighting. It is up to you, as a president, to do it. Stopping them will save thousands of lives of both soldiers and citizens from many different nations.

Sincerely, Andres M.