Isabella D. Texas

Tuition-Free College

Want a better economy? Tuition-free college is the way to go!

Dear Future President,

First off, I should start by saying congratulations on winning this election! It’s been rough. Anyway, I’m writing this letter to you to discuss an issue that’s very important to me and many others as well. Free college and why we need it.

Free college has been tossed around for quite awhile and there are some online sites and such but so far, there is no full blown, free college campus in the U.S. And inside all these pricy and expensive schools, there’s a big problem. So big that the students graduate and will most likely spend the rest of their life with this problem. According to, 7 out of 10 graduates leave college with an average of $30,100 per borrower. That’s insane. Most of the time what ends up happening is students will be drowning in debt, find some job to help them pay for it and give up on any dreams they had to do something bigger. Also it’s been shown that students that graduate with less about of student debt are more likely to get married, own a home, having children and being middle class. If student debt is wiped out, the economy would skyrocket. This is just what we need.

Some kids don’t even go to college because the price is so high. Think about this, what if the cure for cancer was trapped inside the mind of someone who couldn't afford college? If more people had the chance to go to college, then more americans could get jobs, therefore raising our economy even further.

Some may say that if we provide free college then over time the quality of higher education will decrease, but that all depends on the amount of money is put into it. So how exactly are we going to make free college possible? Well, according to The Atlantic the money we need for this grand experiment is already there. Between graduate students & undergrads at 4 year colleges and community colleges, students paid a little under $60 billion on higher education in 2012. The federal government appropriated some $77 billion dollars in a big mix of grants and tax breaks.

Would this ginormous switcharoo be easy? God no. You know very well that just figuring out the minimum state contribution would be a huge task. Is it possible? Yes, all we need is your help!! I hope you’ll see how important this is and with your power and influence, make it happen! Thank you for reading and good luck being president!


Isabella D.

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