Areianna L. Nevada

Dear future president

My observations

Dear future president,

My name is Areianna and I have a fear that you should recognize and fix. Everywhere I go, all I see is the difference in others. More importantly, the difference in their skin. I don’t act upon this observation but many people do. I watch as men and women alike scrutinize each other for either the color of their skin or for being a racist. Its not just racial injustice that I encounter either. It is cultural insensitivity. For example, I saw a man rip off a woman’s hijab. In their culture, that is the equivalent to a man ripping off a woman’s clothes. Her face expressed true horror and she rushed to grab it from the man. It is truly disgusting that anyone would dare to do this even in ignorance. This country is still very divided and as the president its your job to unite them again. Now I’m not totally sure how to fix it exactly, but I know it starts with the person the American people look up to. They look to you for guidance for that’s the very reason they voted for you.