Vivian Larsen Nevada

Problems in Education

I would most like the future president to address the education of all students, standardize testing, and teachers' pay.

   Dear future president, 

   I believe that a quality education should be a right for all children, despite state, city, district, or even teacher. I also believe that the United States should by made of intellectual citizens and voters, and only an educated country can become a fair and equal country. The fact that a student in one state can receive a higher education then one in another extremely aggravates me. I would like America to have an equality educated public, so I would like the next president to address the quality of education and teachers.

     As a student in the Clark County School District and the daughter of a teacher, education is very high on my priorities. I would like the next president to re-evaluate the amount of standardize testing done in this country. I have herd and seen many valid criticisms of the amount standardize tests. I personally feel it takes away from my learning. Last year, after only about two weeks in class, we started preparing for the SBAC. Students in my class and I were pressured about this test all year, instead of focusing on what we needed to learn. I personally feel I learned hardly anything expect what might be on the SBAC. Testing also requires a lot of class time. I remember constantly being pulled out of class to take a all day test . Teachers often feel annoyed by the lack of time they have with their students. I understand that testing is used to evaluate one school to another, but I think the need for schools to do well takes away the actual learning of a student. 

     I would also like the next president to look at teachers' pay. I must admit as the daughter of an educator I am bias on this particular subject, but I have other reasons for my opinion on this matter. I feel higher quality teachers would work for the public school system for better pay. Theses are the people educating the future citizens, voters, and leaders of this country. If they don't correctly do their jobs the future of the United States is doomed. As I mentioned earlier I believe an educated country is the only country that can become a desired or equal and fair country. Theses are all matters in education I would like the future president to address in his/her time in office. 


Vivian L.