Amanda M. Nevada

Why so "spensive anyway ?

A letter to our future president explaining how the average american citizen feels towards the insane cost of colllege.

Dear Future President,

You probably already have a lot of responsibilities hanging on your shoulders with being sworn in and other various presidential duties, despite your busy schedule I hope you would take your time to listen to what issue I have to present to you as an American citizen. 

The cost of going to college has skyrocketed throughout the years and so has the number of students who have to take out student loans. I myself, as a senior in high school, will possibly have to take out a loan, that is if I choose to go to college. Many people in my generation are starting to wonder: Is college really worth the immense cost? Is it worth being stuck in debt possibly for the rest of my adult life?

Many former college students that have taken out student loans, it takes them years to pay back their debt. Is it not our right as American citizens to pursue a higher education and to be able to become more knowledgeable for the sake of our future, our pursuit of happiness? There are many students who wish to pursue a further education but cannot afford it, possible doctors and lawyers who never got the chance. “A Timeline of College Tuition” has indicated the cost of college tuition for one year in the 1970’s for in state public college was merely $2,175 and private schools were $9,876. Now, 2016 and tuition for public school is roughly about $10,660 not including a dorm, books, and other essentials and for a private school $46,670 again, this does not include your dorm and books.

There are multiple studies as to why college tuition has risen to an all time high, CNBC believes college professors are being overpaid to attract top faculty, schools compete to attract students some have other theories that college tuition constantly being raised due to the economic recession in 2007, the United states is in debt though raising the tuition is putting many more Americans in debt. Then, there's the Wealth Gap, the wealthiest americans that can afford to pay the expenses of college, the already wealthy colleges are gifted with charitable donors for an higher education. A recent report by Moody’s tells that the top 40 richest schools received nearly 60% of all gift revenue. Therefore those majority of college students tuition is being paid for. Every American should be allowed the choice of being able to further their education, education shouldn't be limited to the wealthy, you cannot just exclude the rest of the American population due to the fact of a small obstacle as money, that is something most of can’t control. If everyone in the United States were financially well off then that would be wonderful and all of us would have an education if we wished to pursue it, But the world is not that way so I ask of you to not forget the minorities in this country who have just as much right to be able to go to college debt free as the wealthy.

Sincerely, Amanda Moreno, your average citizen. 


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