Keishla V. Nevada

Things That Define Us In Society

Today, in 2016 (2 months to 2017), people are still judging others, putting them in the categories they believe they belong in by just a glance. Today, let's all take a moment to look at these categories and think to ourselves, who do we picture when we think of these kinds of people and then, why do I automatically think of these people?

People are judged based on things such as: race, sexual identity, clothing choices, religion, political beliefs, and even where they go to school. Human beings are not cheese at a store. You can't look at them and automatically determine whether they are moldy or not. Just because you believe Forever 21 is better than Tilly's does not mean that you can automatically hate anyone who hates Tilly's. You have heard this a million times already but I'm here to tell you for the one million and first time, treat others like you would want to be treated. Be respectful, be humble, be trustworthy, be empathetic, be who ever it is that you are and show everyone that you're full of love for human kind. If you're not overly lovey-dovey, still be careful of how you treat others. People are not just the color of their skin or the gender they prefer to be called. Be mindful of your words and actions and when you slip up and start thinking of a person belonging in some crappy categories you made up, realize your mistake and maybe you should even start a conversation. Being judgemental will never, not now in 2016 and certainly not in 2017, get you anywhere in life.