Jakai Nevada

Animal Rights

Despite all of my current issues with what's going on in the country, I feel as if I have to speak on animal rights as loudly as anything else.

With this upcoming election, my heart sinks for any issue I had hoped of solving when it came to animals.

The poaching that's going on in multiple countries - sometimes including ours - needs to end soon. SeaWorld and other large companies like it that collect animals purely for people's pleasure are slotted to end by next year, but I don't have much faith in their promises. The methods that certain countries use for fishing every season is horribly taxing on other species such as dolphins, turtles, sharks, and even birds. There's an ever-increasing number of Pit Bulls in animal shelters because of a few incidents where they've lashed out, which have most likely been caused by human neglect.  A county in Canada has even issued a kill order on any Pits just because of said incidents.

What I've mentioned above are only a few concerning points that I can make about animal rights. These are just the first steps to stopping worldwide issues. I'm writing this letter so hopefully somebody can take notice about what's happening to the life around us that isn't human. Depending on who wins, I feel as if one candidate would care much more about the environment and animalkind than the other, so I hope for the very best when it comes to animals. After all, I'm here for them and people like me who care about their lives alongside humanity's well-being.

With much faith,