Hyacinth Washington

Racial Inequality

No one should be treated unequally because of their skin. Our ancestors have sacrificed so much for us to let it go down the drain today.

Dear Future President,

Have you ever experienced racial inequality ?

Racial Inequality has got to come to a resolution, but it has actually been said racial inequality is linked to income inequality as well. It has put peoples life's in conflict and danger, even are/ our kids.

First, to begin with income inequality it all started with economic inequality allowing the colorless to experience more opportunities as well as more advantages and benefits.In fact, there were %70 of non-whites in the U.S population. Only %40 was homeless, not to mention there was %10 of African Americans in the U.S to say nothing of %50 was homeless. This is important because it gives you a minor insight on how were handled as a divided nation, and the relation of this has much more evidence to distinguish. ("Homelessness")

Secondly, racial inequality has caused many challenges and difficulties. Police brutality has taken many lost ones of a loving family's now knowing they will never come back, of course, there have been 234 African Americans who passed away in the year of 2016 so far. And 346 in 2015, as can be seen, %97 of these cases did not result in any of these officers charged with a crime, Mr. Future President we should have never let it get this far. This shows that there isn't really nothing that's being done to prevent this in any way innocent African Americans are losing their life every day while we sit and watch it on tv, but don't try to be part of the solution so were identified as bystanders for our own nation. ("Mapping police violence")

Lastly, there have been kids of color being poisoned with Flint's water in their own public schools. While a couple blocks away the suburban neighborhoods get clean fresh water to drink, Including the fact that the children who got the intoxicated water are known as living in the poor neighborhoods with diversity. Say more about this issue and connect it back to your thesis.

Racial Inequality must come to an end because children are being intoxicated based on their status. This also plays a big part in economic inequality, not to additionally add the police brutality and racial profiling which lead African Americans victims and set with no justice. Mr. President please look into this and stand with us. Our ancestors have sacrificed so much for us to let it go down the drain today. 

West Seattle High School

5th Period LA9

Hopkins Intro to Literature & Composition

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