Chloe S. North Dakota

Letter to the Future President

Police Brutality

Dear Next President,

Our country is going to have some problems. I want to tell you about a few of them that have been going on in our nation today. Some of the problems facing the United States are police brutality and Dakota access pipeline.

Police brutality is a big problem that the United States deals with every single day. In 2014, 1,297 Americans were killed by police officers. In 2015, that number increased to 1,307. To date, there have been 842 Americans killed by police according to the Fatal Encounters website and Killed by Police website.

Police brutality has caused racial tensions and has given a rise to movements like the Black Lives Matter Movement. Anyone who say black lives matter are wrong, I believe that every life matters. Social media has drawn extra attention to the actions on police, but it's hard to tell who is in the wrong. Please and try and help solve this issue by finding our police forces better so that they can receive additional training.

I believe that these things are very important to today's world. Police brutality is very important subject to understand. Please help better our country by funding our police officers.