Madeline S. North Dakota

Defending the Lives of the Innocent

Adoption: a gratifying alternative to abortion.

Defending the Lives of the Innocent

by Madeline S., Fargo, ND

Dear President of the United States,

I write to you to express my views concerning abortion and to promote adoption. I write to you to defend those who cannot defend themselves, the estimated forty to fifty million babies aborted each year in the United States ( We are allowing the deaths of innocent human lives, while we should be saving and protecting them.

I understand there are two sides of this case: those who are pro-life and those who are pro-choice. If someone reading this is pro-choice, the first argument would be that abortion is not the killing of a human life, but the termination of a piece of tissue. They would argue right away that this is not immoral and that there is nothing wrong with abortion. I am here, writing, to contradict that argument. Abortion is murder. Think about it. After only 21-22 days after conception, the baby’s heart begins to beat. When the mother gets an ultrasound, she can see the “tissue” have toes, fingers, and limbs ( How can you not see that this organism inside the womb is a living thing from the moment of conception? Another fault to this argument of the baby only being tissue is that if a pregnant mother is murdered, this is counted as a double murder in twenty-nine states ( How could this be if the baby is only tissue? I, myself, witnessed the first presidential debate between you and your opponent. I, and thousands of others, saw both you and your opponent agree that “one life lost is too many lives lost.” If you truly believe in this statement, how could you be allowing the destruction of millions of lives? This is your chance to change this.

Besides, there is another, more gratifying, solution. For those mothers not wanting/able to take care of their child, adoption is a very notable option. The adoption can be either opened or closed. If an open adoption is chosen, the child can grow up knowing who their biological mother is and has opportunities to see her. If a closed adoption is chosen, then the child does not see their biological mother as he or she grows up. I, myself, am experiencing having an adopted niece. My oldest sister and her husband adopted my niece as a newborn from a college-aged girl who decided that although she could not take care of the baby herself, she would much rather have an adoption than an abortion. Having chosen to have an open adoption, my adorable niece gets to see her mother on occasion and can know who her mother is.

The amount of joy on both sides of the adoption is tremendous. On one side is my sister, her husband, and my niece; they are all so happy to see her grow up and be a part of our family. On the other side is the birth mother, who is so happy knowing her daughter is in safe hands and growing up in an environment suited for her. It’s a win-win situation. Meanwhile, across America, millions of innocent babies, who can do absolutely nothing, are being aborted. One of these babies could have been the next president for all we know.