Kailey Z. North Dakota

Letter to president

Issues for president

Dear Future President,

Whoever our next president is, they should probably know the issues we have in the United States. Two examples are equality and gun violence.

First, gun violence. According to the “Gun Control and Gun Violence” page on letters2president.org, all around the U.S. there are shootings that go on whether it's in a school or somewhere simple such as someone's house. There are some kids who bring guns to school; why would a child need a gun at school? Kids should not bring guns to school because there is no purpose to it. Security at schools should be better because there are some school shootings where it wasn't a kid but an adult. During the school day there should be some type of security especially in bigger schools that would keep the kids safe while they are in class. I think this could help reduce the number of school shootings.

The second issue is equality. In the U.S. no one is treated equally, either they are a different race or it's just that they don't dress or do some of the same things the so called “cool people” do. People think that someone who has a darker skin color is a bad person or the other way around. Even in school kids do this to each other for example, they might say that someone can't sit by them because they are “different”. I think we could make this better by teaching the younger kids not to treat others like that. Tell them what is going on and that they should treat everyone equally.

As you can see these are a few of the issues in the U.S. Whoever the president is, I hope you try to fix these issues in some way.


Kailey Zahn