Daysia New York


Do you really find it acceptable to kill an innocent child ? Yet you find it okay to kill a human for murdering another human .

Dear future President,

My name is Daysia, and I’m a junior in high school in Troy, New York . I am writing you because I have a problem with abortion being legal. Do you think women should be in allowed to terminate a life? Shouldn't our country punish for the murder of an innocent fetus? I find it unfair that According to research more than 1 million innocent children are dying a year. According to U.S abortion statistics, “Twenty one percent of all United States pregnancies excluding miscarriages end in abortion”. Although, everyone is entitled to their own choices, I personally disagree with abortion because knowing the consequences should influence you to make better decisions, such as protecting yourself from making a baby . Fifty one percent of abortions are performed on women that are less than twenty five years of age. Approximately ten percent of women under induced abortion suffer from immediate problems but of which two percent are considered major. "Women who abort are four times more likely to die the following year." We have many problems in our country , but I feel as if abortion is a big one, and we need to put an end to it .

Do you really find it acceptable to kill an innocent child, but find it okay to kill a human for murdering another human?  According to the federal Unborn Victims Of Violence Act was enacted "To protect unborn children from assault & murder.“  I think you as the President should take abortion into consideration and make it illegal.  You must be asking why? Women take advantage of being able to have abortion but continue to have sexual intercourse right after. If women used protection during sex, it would eliminate pregnancy and therefore abortions would not be necessary . Instead of abortion, females can always carry on having a child and put them up for adoption so the child has a chance at life. 

Yours Truly,   


Troy High School

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