Keegan L. North Dakota

Illegal Immigration VS US Economy and Law

Illegal immigration has been a problem in the US for a while now, it is affecting our economy and breaking our laws.

Dear Future President,

A big problem today is the illegal immigration and how it can affect America. Taxpayers and the government think this is a problem because illegal immigrants living here don’t have to pay taxes and get to use all the privileges here for free. This concerns the government because it can be a drain on their funds and taxpayers are having to pay taxes while others are living here for free. Although some may come here to make a better living and work to help their family, they’re still breaking the laws of this country and should at least be given the chance to become a citizen, if they refuse they can go back to their country.

The amount of illegal immigrants should be reduced so it doesn't affect our country's economy negatively and to make sure laws aren’t being broken. Many of my family members that are in their adult lives, live and are citizens of this country. I’m sure when they see people coming to this country and draining our government's funds and not paying taxes to replace those funds, they are not happy. Our government is in trillions of dollars in debt right now and this problem is not helping.

This country’s economy is suffering because of illegal immigrants sneaking into the country. Since many immigrants don’t pay taxes and use the services provided here they can be a drain on government funds, not saying all illegal immigrants don’t pay taxes, in fact many actually do. Their is a small positive to illegal immigration, according to to Harvard’s George Borjas american’s wealth has increased by less than 1% because of illegal immigration, but the negatives outway this. Though some may pay taxes, none of this covers the amount of services they use, for example according to an article about illegal immigration on in 2010 an average unlawful immigrant household used around $24,721 in government benefits and services while only paying around $10,334 in taxes. When I say reduce the number of illegal immigrants I don’t mean throw everyone out of the country give them a chance to become an U.S citizen.

Illegal immigration is a crime, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, each year border patrol apprehends 1,000s of illegals crossing our border. The first time an immigrant does this it is a misdemeanor, if it is repeated after being deported, then it will turn into a felony. If you’re a person who aids or hides an illegal immigrant you can be charged with a federal felony and who ever gives an illegal immigrants work without verifying his or her work authorization can be guilty of a misdemeanor.

They can fill in the jobs that american citizens would otherwise not want to do and help the economy by filling those jobs and most come here on good terms and just want to work to help their family. I say since they don’t generally pay income tax and use government services, such as schools, can be economic drain on the government and yes of course some may come here on good terms but doesn’t mean they not breaking a law that if repeated could ruin their life forever. If employers find out that a potential employee has committed a felony, they’re not going to hire him/her.

What do you think president, do you think this is a serious problem? I think it is right to to reduce the amount of illegal immigrants so it doesn't ruin our economy and go against our law system. The amount of government services they use does not equal the amount they pay back in taxes. Not to mention being an illegal immigrants is highly illegal in this country, it can count as a misdemeanor the first offense, but if repeated can turn into a felony. If an illegal immigrant becomes a U.S citizen and has a felony on his or her record it will be hard for them to find a job. Whoever you are president, I expect you to bring the economy back to its former glory. If we don’t solve this problem our debt will become even bigger than it already is and crime rates could increase.


Keegan Link


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