Garrett L. North Dakota

The cost of Prisons

State funded prisons cost a lot to upkeep.

Dear Future President,

As we keep putting criminals behind bars it’s costing us more than $32 billion a year! That’s a lot just on state funded prisons. We should be spending that money towards education and slum/poor areas. We need to work on fixing this problem otherwise we will keep spending more and more on prisons

My parents and most of the nation have to pay taxes for state prisons. The state prison population has grown more than 700% since the 1970s, which means it’s costing more and more for impeaching prisoners. The average cost per inmate is $31,286 a year, and with more than 2 million criminals behind bars that is almost too much on prisons. When we should be making inmates work off their expenses, which would save lots of poor people and the rest of the nation money. A family of 4 in slum areas on average make $32,000 a year, and they can’t afford to pay taxes on prisons. The amount of money spent on prisons has increased 570% while money spent on education has increased 33% as of 2005.

So, instead of paying billions and billions on prisoners we should send that money on education and slum areas. Or should we have prisoners work the expenses off and save billions? This is a big problem no one is noticing and it’s only getting worse. And only you can help us change the prions expenses.


Garrett Lightsey

Hazen, ND