Landen North Dakota


We need more Pokemon stops and Gyms!

Dear Future President,

I think you should call Niantic for Pokémon Go. You should ask them if they could add more Pokémon stops and gyms in smaller towns. We don’t catch all the Pokémon because we don’t get enough Pokémon stops in our areas. You should also ask them if they could add more Pokémon gyms. We need some more experience. So we can level up and get more poke balls.

Some towns are worse off than Hazen. Other cities have no Pokémon stops and Pokémon gyms. People like to be the best Pokémon hunters. If there are more poke stops people might spend more money on getting better Pokémon. They would want to get lucky eggs, incense, and lure modele. So they can beat the best Pokémon Go hunters. People want to be the best at the game. They will pay big money to be the best in the world or country.

I think that they should add more Pokémon stops. It would make people go hunt Pokémon. Mr. President what if your kids play it and want more Pokémon stops. I think that you should want to play because it gives you exercise. Mr. President I know you want to add more. So please do the right thing and add more Pokémon stops.

Yours truly,

Landen S.