Abu H. New York

The Gun Control : Illegal Guns On The Street

Dear Next President, I am writing to you about the "Gun Control". This problem is described as "illegal guns on the street". This problem is important to the country because many innocent peoples lost their lives for no reason. At Present, it has become a really big issue in all over the United States. I have seen on the news mass shootings in different places like the Orlando Nightclub, Santa Monica, San Bernardino and many others. It’s happening because of illegal selling of guns and not having enough background information of the buyers. A solution is to ban all the illegal gun selling in the street and to get enough background information of the buyers. In addition, give arms to those who need to defend them self by investigating them( They Should have a paper to approve their ability to carry). If you could do this we are going to be able to save many innocent lives. Sincerely, Abu Haneef