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Animal Rights

Animal rights matter

Animal Rights

Dear Future President, 11/4/16

Animals should deserve more rights or people should be improving their rights.Animals have been going extinct because of us.We think that it's perfectly fine to kill them for their body parts and then just leave them there to rot away or animals will eat it.Animals should not be tested on in testing labs for new products.They should also not be forced to do things they naturally fear or they hate doing.

Over 100 million animals have been killed each year, mostly because they get tested on with drugs,chemical and cosmetic testing.It’s also because many animals are tested on, not just white mice.There's frogs,mice,rats,birds,dogs,cats and many more that get tested on almost every day. They usually die from the chemicals they get tested on. Because of this, animal's contract diseases like cancer,lung issues and sometimes blindness.Sometimes it's not even because they get tested on by chemicals, but sometimes it’s because they are used to breed with other animals.90% of the animals die in laboratories after they have been bred, or sometimes they die while their breeding.The other 10% live to get out of the laboratory then die of random diseases when they go into the wilderness.

Animal in circuses are also being abused to.They spend most of their lives caged and hooked up in poor c onditioned boxes.To get the animals into the boxes they ethier taze them or Usually they get taken from their parents at young age.Sometimes they don't even get to know their parents.Some animals are pregant and the circus people abuse them and 75% of the moms that are pregant babies die because they get beaten up badly.When they dont care if the baby is dead or not they just go out into the wild and get another animal that they need.If their goning to get a animal at all which they shouldnt at all,they should be males so we could still have more animals in the world.

It is your job as a president and stop all of these animals that are being abused.


Andrew Wheeler

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