Aaron K. Georgia

Gun Safety

Lack of gun safety has changed the world.

Dear Future President,

Have you noticed when Barack Obama was president there were 162 mass murders. Each incident causing 8 or more deaths, mass murders have jumped between the time Obama and Clinton has been president. I studied on NBC news that 83% of guns used in mass murders was legally used weapons this should not be the case. To cut to the point of this letter is to tell you that murders are caused by lack in gun safety and gun laws.

I know your thinking that the constitution states “people have the right to bear arms”. But in that case there talking about putting a huge wage on guns but the people who really need them is the poor. Someone who tends to use a gun has a mental illness or has been bullied in one point of their life. The Atlantic articles state only 4% of the violence is caused by schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression, the most cited mental illnesses in conjunction with violence in America.

Donald trump believes that gun violence can be easily prevented if someone reports it as soon as they noticed something was suspicious. Hilary believes there should be no guns allowed in the world today because if she becomes the president the FBI will be watching 24/7. Many others don’t agree stated Hilary Clinton.com

In conclusion I believe that gun safety is a big issue today in the United States and across the world.


Aaron K.