Alex S. Wisconsin

Gun Control in America


Dear future president, I am a student in high school from Sheboygan Wisconsin writing to inform you about gun control. From a young age I have shot many guns in my life, and have a fair knowledge of guns. I am personally telling young that guns do not kill. They only reason people believe guns kill, is because they get into the wrong hands.

Making more gun control laws will not help to make the United States safer. Most Criminals have committed some sort of crime that disqualifies them from purchasing guns. Yet, it seems that every criminal owns a gun? A national survey of inmates at state prisons found that ten percent of inmates admitted to having a gun they purchased from a gun store. The only thing more gun control laws will help is to take away guns from honest, everyday nice people like me.

One way to help gun violence in the United States is to enforce the gun laws already made, not make new ones. I have heard of people with bad, criminal backgrounds going to their local gun shop and purchasing guns because the people working failed to do a background check. And later committing a crime involving the gun they purchased.Simple things like this is the only way to keep guns out of the wrong hands, not make more gun control laws.

                               Sincerely, Alex Shannon