Saaid A. New York

School Budget

In this Letter a very important concern for School Budgets are addressed.

Saaid Ayala 11/8/16

“School Budget”

Dear Next President,

I am writing to you about a fairly big problem going around in different school districts.

Usually School Budgets are high enough to take care of schools but that’s not quite the case.

I am concerned about what you will be doing with school budgets and what not. Many sSchools do not have enough money from the state to take care of the following: School Maintenance (Tattered Flooring, Graffitied Walls Broken Equipment, ETC…), Extra Curricular Activities (Field Trips, Movies, ETC….) and also Technology. It is Important to the country that you fix this because students often never participate in fun activities usually because there aren’t any. Also by raising the budget for schools it makes it more realistic for schools to plan room or equipment repairs whether it be desks or technology for students or it be maintenance on school problems. In addition I think that schools may be able to do much more than that. For Example schools may offer better meals for students or schools may be able to obtain better teachers for learning. Also I think that the overall boost of money distributed to schools can give a rise to a better environment for scholars.

My solution for this dilemma is that the President give a speech on school budgets to spread the word to school officials so that this wish may come true. I should know what it feels like since I am a scholar as well. Let's make things happen.

Sincerely, Saaid Ayala of Kingsbridge International High School