Mya S. New York

Transgender Bathrooms

Discrimination against transgenders is an issue which must be stopped in order to continue to prosper together as a nation

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

For centuries, America has been plagued by discrimination. From African Americans being slaves to women being inferior to men, this nation is constantly fighting an uphill battle against discrimination. The present, of course, is no exception to this. Currently, a major issue in our society, as you know, is discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. Recently, there have been numerous issues involving those who are trans. Someone who is transgender has a different gender than sex. A common misconception is that sex and gender are the same thing. A person's sex is based off of their physical anatomy while gender is mental. 97% of transgenders are treated poorly in their workplace. Half of those who are transgender have attempted suicide before 20 and 3/4 are harassed at school. As the next President of the United States, are you going to stand by and watch people in your country suffer or are you going to do something about it? The decision to help these people lays in your hands and whatever you choose to do will impact the lives of many forever.

Recently, North Carolina decided to file a competing lawsuit against the bathroom bill. Whoever made this decision believes that citizens should use public restrooms whether it be at school, in a restaurant, etc. based on the sex on their birth certificate instead of gender identity. These actions being taken to prevent transgenders from using the bathroom they identify with or feel most comfortable in are discriminatory actions which need to be stopped immediately. Forcing a person to use a restroom of a gender which they don't identify themselves with is wrong and can be consequential. Discrimination against trans people has caused a devastating number of people to self-harm and commit suicide. Also, many who see all of the discrimination around them begin to become afraid to come out as transgender for the fear of how others will treat them. No person should have to hide who they truly are because they are afraid that people will look at them differently, harass them, or even worse. Discrimination in this country is causing many to take their lives and those who choose to live to live in constant pain and suffering. 

By taking action as President, you can undue some of the damage done to this group of people. Not only would you be saving countless lives, you would be making those lives that much better. By allowing people to use a public restroom based on gender identity, you would be making people feel more comfortable being themselves. As President, you have more power than any other individual in the country. When you come into office, you have up to 8 years to leave your mark. In your time in office, make it count. Once you leave office, you should be able to say, "I did everything I could to better this nation." One step you can take to get to that place is to help the transgender community by allowing them to use the bathroom of their choice. 


Mya. S                                        

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