Alayna Pennsylvania

Gun Violence

This letter explains why I think that more laws should be added to stop shootings at homes, schools, neighborhoods, and so on.

Dear Next President,

Over 80 mass shootings happened from 1984 to 2016. I think that more laws should be added to stop shootings at homes, schools, neighborhoods, etc. More and more shootings occur because the laws don’t get changed. If these laws are changed, it will prevent these shootings and make our country safer.

I was in 6th grade in the year of 2015 and over the announcements our principal called a lockout. We learned that near our area there was a shooting. This man killed his wife and other relatives. We had to stay in our school for nearly two hours after our normal dismissal time. When we were released from school, students were escorted to buses by police officers and I heard that the shooter was near my friend’s house. Later that day, I heard that the man was found dead in the woods. Shootings like this have hurt many people and not just the poor victims. These types of shootings hurt the entire country. Stricter gun laws should be added to prevent these things from happening.

Laws that will help our country be safer from shooters should be added, but I do not think that we should completely ban guns. If the government creates laws about having better security in gun shops, restaurants, and stores then we could be safer. If schools had better security then there wouldn’t be as many school shootings. Laws that involve better security in public places will help save lives.

Fewer shootings would improve our country. One reason people are killed is because the gunman/woman is mentally ill. Another reason could be that the shooter has connections to ISIS or terrorist organizations. Another example of a mass shooting, and one connected to ISIS, is that at the Florida night club. According to “Shooting at Florida Club Kills 50,” the shooting was called an “act of terrorism.” In this article they stated that 50 were killed and 53 were injured. This proves that shootings can devastate people and their families. In the article, they also stated that this person did the shooting because he was for ISIS and against gay rights and gun control.

I would like there to be more laws preventing gun violence. If we have better gun laws in this country, in a couple years the shootings will decrease slightly. As we add more laws that prevent gun violence then the number of people dying from shootings will also decrease. At the moment 100,000 people die from shootings each year. If we had more laws preventing bad people from getting a gun, then in a few more years that number will decrease significantly.


Alayna W., Pennsylvania