kiara l. New York

Teachers are people too!

With my letter I want to bring a new problem to our new president with a fair solution.

Dear next president,

Congratulations! I am so glad you made it!Enjoy your stay in the White House!But as you already know there's a lot of issues in this country that need to be solved.That's why I am writing to you about teacher abuse.

Now, have you ever seen a teacher on duty? Or do you have a friend or a family member that is a teacher? Well, if you have then we can all agree that teachers are always looking a little tired. When you see a teacher the things that stand out the most is pressure and disappointment. I think that teachers never imagined that their dream job would be so hard.

Do you ever wonder why teachers, especially young ones don't stay in one school for more than 1 or 2 years? Don't worry we have all been wondering the same thing. Young teachers don't like to stay in one school for longer because they just can't handle the pressure that is put it on them not only from the students also the principals. See, the president is the boss of the country so just like the president the principal is the boss of the school. Imagined if you were not the president of the United States how would you feel if you were a teacher? Teachers are the ones who started everything and by everything I mean education. Without teachers we would not have education.

Don't worry I have a solution to this problem. My solution is actually really simple because I want to make life easier for you like I want life easier to teachers. My solution is just do what is fair for everyone. You know I think it is really sad that in my classroom out of 30 students 1 or 2 of them want to be teachers when they grow up.You as a new president have to make new resources for teachers.Make teachers feel happy, for example try to raise the ways. Make medical and protection programs especially for teachers. Give teachers a voice to express themselves and solve problems.Try to make new teachers that are graduating next year feel happy and excited about their new job. I am so excited to see what you will do to solve this problem in your years as president.


Kiara Lazala