Jaynah M. Oklahoma

Police Body Cameras

Everyone needs to know both sides of every story.

Dear Mr./Ms. President,

       Congratulations on your election, but now it's time to get down to business. As the new president of the United States, how do you plan on running your country? Where will you begin? How about we start with an older issue that still exists today: police brutality and shootings. Many black Americans have died without reason, but there is always a story saying otherwise. Police body cameras can put an end to this mess. A small video recorder placed in the front center of the uniform could save lives and change our country.

        Police shootings are a huge problem that needs to come to an end and whats a more modern way then body cameras? The article "Line of Fire" by David Von Drehle, explains, "A man named Walter Lamer Scott was shot by a police officer by the name Michael Tomas Slager." The man was held with out bail because Walter Scott was said to be unarmed. There was no evidence of the man being unarmed and Slager could have been protecting himself. Without body cameras we can never know the truth behind an incident this horrible.  Having police wear body cameras is the right thing to do.

        Police brutality is another uncomfortable subject for black Americans all over the U.S. Black Americans seem like a key target for police. For example, the article "Top 2014 Legal Cases" explains that, "Police Brutality against black Americans are higher then any other race." The cause may be racism or fear. No matter the reason, cops are letting their power go to their heads.  Policemen who abuse their power need their power taken away from them. The easiest way to catch these bad cops in the act is body cameras. The cameras can't lie. Each officer on duty can be issued a uniform with a camera. No one deserves to die, no matter the issue. 

        At least 62 people of all race and size are shot within 30 days every other month by police. In a Fox 23 news report, a man was shot by a police officer after reaching for his licence which was asked to be seen. Shot four times, the man went limp as his girlfriend screamed in terror. We know this is the truth because everything was caught on camera by the man's girlfriend. His daughter witnessed his death from the back seat of the car. The only punishment the officer received was a job taken away from him. That man might still have his job today if the girlfriend didn't record the whole incident. Many people think the cameras are a bad idea because of the cost, but if the government can spend hundreds of dollars on equipment that these police officers are killing with then they can also spend it on these innocent peoples lives. The money would be well spent on every life saved. 

        In conclusion, body cameras can help control police brutality and shootings. Its easier to solve a problem that you know every aspect to. People want to know that the authorities will keep them safe, not kill them off. Cameras could win and death could lose. Cameras could succeed and death could fail. Bad cops could be put away and good cops could keep their jobs for protecting their lives and others. Body cameras are the right choice.  

East Central High School - Tulsa

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