Levi H. Colorado


I am going to be covering issues on immigration(illegal immigration).

Dear Future President,

     This paper is going to be on immigration and whether or not I agree with it.  Many illegal immigrants come over to the states every year.  Although it may not seem to be a big issue in Colorado, it does affect many others in different states.  My grandparents, who live in California, get a big variety of illegal immigrants in their area.  They were once telling my parents and I that although they don't like the whole "let's build a wall" idea, they do agree that it is an important issue that does need to be taken care of.

     I do believe we need to help others in need, but in the quantities they keep coming in they continue to put others out of jobs.  Many Americans are complaining that the illegal immigrants are taking away job opportunities and position that they went to school for years to get.  For as long as they keep coming, many natives keep losing opportunities for better employment positions.


Levi H.

Colorado Early Colleges

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