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Bad Cop, Good Cops

Bad Cops to Good Cops

Dear Mr/Mrs President,

By being in office you will know by now that there's a lot of racial tension between people of different skin color. After examining a list of ethnic based riots from 2000-2016 four out of five of the riots are caused by police opening fire on a non-white citizen.

It’s not a surprise that there are a lot racial issues facing America, last week a young asian reporter was beaten due to appearing white. Aaron Mak was attacked and beaten until one of his attackers said, “Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!” -Stated Washington Times. Although tragic this is not the first case of race riots in america. A few months before the Milwaukee riots America faced the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

I would like you with the support of congress to establish anti-biased training program and camera on police serving in the line of duty. Although these ideas have been tested in the past they often don't get the results they wanted. I’m not saying that they don't help, because they do. In one article about body cameras on police officers written by the University of South Florida wrote that “...use of force incident have dropped by 53%” and “...Civilian complaints have dropped by 65%”

This situation is a delicate one, police fear dying as any human would and non white ethnics are in fear of getting shot. There are whole court cases around this blurry line between self defence and police aggression. On the CopCrises website they state that “taxes payers spend 1.8 billion on misconduct.” The amount of money that we would save from not having to deal with the cases of misconduct by cops would allow us to fix our other services that we dearly need.

Many of the riots claim that they police fired on the suspect due to their ethnicity but, on the other hand they police said that the suspect was acting aggressive or appeared to be in possession of a weapon. The addition of body cameras allow us to judge the actions of the parties involved. As of Aug 22, 2016 there was evidence that was supported by body cameras stating that the suspect in question was holding a gun and appeared to have been moving rapidly.

Body cams and the storage needed to maintain them is however quite expensive, One article by Emergency Management the Baltimore Police Department paid 240,0000 dollars in expense for body cameras plus another 240,000 each year for only 200 cameras. If we were no equip the NYPD with that same plan ignoring the 240,000 per year plan we would need about 40.8 million dollars in order to supply each member of the World’s largest police force.

However Mr/Ms President I am sure that with the help of the public and state side support we can equip more officers in the US with cameras and provide evidence that either police were threatened or committing police brutality. By solving the problem with police brutality we will pave the way to stop police violence and brutality in other countries.

-Shine Aung NTHS, 11th Grade

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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