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The truth about Police Brutality

Police on civilian crime is increasing dramatically. If we can't trust the ones that are supposed to protect us , who do we trust?

 Dear Next President,

Kudos to you as a president. I know it has been a long work and your hard work has payed off. But I have been urging to express this thought of how you will benefit our country regarding Police brutality . As you may know , lately America has been dealing with the act of police brutality tremendously, from Eric Garner , to Michael Brown , and even Trayvon martin. A similarity between those lost men , are that they are all black , and they all were not served justice. Brutality against blacks has been a strong topic for years, even dating back to 1955 with the Killing of Emmett Till. Not to say that blacks are the only ones affected by this , actually according to Washington post, a credible news article website, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on-duty police officers since Beginning of 2015. Oddly, Of them, “ 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race).” You may ask , then how are blacks the most talked about, this is because black men are killed at rates that are not proportional with their percentage in the US.

As the president, one of your priorities are to make sure that citizens are kept safe. You can start by enforcing background check on police officers and making it highly important that body cams are on. Most recently, when a victim of police brutality was killed, they didn’t release body cam footage. What's the point of having them if we can't see them. Background checks on police officers are crucial too so that we know if police had history with violence. A cop can still be a bad individual without a bad record, but this is just another step in protecting us Americans.

You might ask, are blacks the only ones affected by this. The answer is no , but we are affected the most. This is an example of racial profiling. Another bad part is that we cannot fight back. We fight back and more people are killed( riots ). If I have to think twice about what I can do because of my color, that is extremely unacceptable. In a sense , it is slavery , being held back with the sense of death. There is no justified reason for shooting someone because of what you perceive to be a weapon. And if we are killed, there must be a form of justice served because we can’t be soothed with reparations. There are hundreds of police on black crime every year. With the force of you , you can bring this number down to zero. A way of doing this would be to improve communities with police officials and regular people. This can be done by having community events and just different ways that everyone gets along with each other. For years we have been trying to bring a stop to racial profiling , and even when it happens, the issues seems to fade away because of all the different situations we deal with everyday. This makes people afraid to even step foot outside because of the chance of being attacked because of our skin color. I am not saying this to say that all cops are bad, some actually care that us blacks are at a disadvantage in the US. These cops should be recognized and honored, the others should in jail,or have some type of punishment.

All together, I believe that you will be our hope in stopping killing of blacks, racial profiling, and bringing justice for family members of lost ones. Personally, i do feel like an outcast because of the chances that one day I will be stopped by a police officer , and depending on how they feel , it would determine my fate. I don’t have to feel this way if i know they have a body cam , and know that no matter how they feel I will be safe either way . I will continue to follow the laws and abide by and respect our police officers. In the end you are the deciding factor on how my life will be lived and I hope that you take those thoughts seriously, so that Police and People of different colors can live in harmony. 

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