Ethan Michigan

Police Brutality

So many people have been killed by police on and off duty, while police are faced with little to no punishment.

Dear Future President,

As many would say, 2015 and 2016 have gotten off to a bad start when it comes to police brutality. So many people have been killed by police on and off duty that have faced little to no punishment. In one article I read on Huffington Post, the author wrote that “since 2005, only 13 officers have been convicted of murder.” Which seems a little weird to me because in another article I read by Mint Press News Desk states that statistics say that “by september of 2015, 776 people were killed by police and of that 776, 161 were unarmed.”

It seems to me that every other week I see a new news story talking about another colored person being shot to death . Just the other day a video was released of a black man that was on the ground being shot to death. In the video, the man's wife who was recording, pleads with the police to spare his life and that he was unarmed and was only taking his pill. The cops ignored her and repeatedly fired rounds into his body.

It is unacceptable how much police officers can do and get away with. Police should be treated the same as all other US citizens when it comes to someone's life and obeying the law. After all, Common Law, a basic Constitutional Right, states that laws apply to anyone and no one should be treated above the law. It’s pretty self explanatory so shouldn't everyone be treated that way? Even cops?


 Ethan J.

Avondale High School

Avondale High School

Honors English 10

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