College student Colorado

Cost of college

The cost of college is way too high.

Dear future president, 

The cost of college tuition is way too high for the average person to afford. The cost of college needs to be lowered. Many Americans will not attend college, not because of lack of effort or ability, but simply because of the lack of money.  There are two reasons why lowering the cost of tuition needs to happen.

First, the average person can't afford college right out of high school.  Data has shown that people are more successful when they attend college right out of high school.  By lowering tuition, it would let more people go to college.

Second, many people who go to college rack up thousands of dollars in student loans.  This makes it difficult to be successful after college with so much debt.  The thought of going into so much debt, prohibits people from attending college as well.

Thanks you for carefully considering the lowering of college tuition.  It could make a difference not only to future college students like myself, but to all Americans in the United States and its territories.


Future College Student