Diego P. D. Angel Colorado

Trump and the Wall Situation

A letter for Donald J. Trump. If you're not Trump, do not read this letter. (unless you just wanted to know.)

Dear Future President (Mainly Mr. J. Trump),

Please don’t build a wall between the borders of U.S. and Mexico because Building a wall blocks opportunities for a better life for the Latinos, Mexico refuses to pay for the wall, and illegal drugs will still have a way to get through the border.

First of all, Building a wall means building a wall between the opportunity of success and physically success. People are people and every people respects people. When you build a wall, you’re disrespecting our family, and when you disrespect our family, that sin will be crawling on your back. I don’t know what sin, but this sin will grab you, and hold on to you, and will never let go, even if you try. Also, the United States is one of a perfect country for life opportunities, I don’t know what’s your plan is, but I believe you are going to deport all of the people who is not American and heavily secure the entire border allowing no access to get in and no access to get out. EVER!!!

If you are planning that, then you must stop forcing Mexico to pay for the wall. Enrique Peña Nieto said that they won’t pay for the wall. I mean how will you able to get over 12 billion dollars of 122.3 million people living, it doesn’t work. Some people are poor than others. Plus, you need to credit the wall by made by Mexico. As an example (Payed for Construction: Mexico) or something like that. If you don't, then they won't be your slave and will not pay you for other future building projects.

Otherwise, If you’re planning to build a wall for preventing drug transportation then you are wrong. Building a wall won’t defend drug transportation. There are a million ways that drugs transport. One of which is underwater drug transportation, and another is flight transportation (actually that’s a lie unless…), and other ways that drugs went and go, and there are millions of hosts that has drugs, not just Mexico…, but the entire world.

So if you can just build a wall don’t build a wall. Mexico will not pay for the wall to protect drugs. It won’t work. This can only ruin everyone’s life in the world (including Latin America). Also, you’ll know you’ll regret this when you read this letter (not really because this is too short), and you will change America (not in a good way) forever.

I hope you respond to my letter.


Diego Perez del Angel