Katie G. Michigan

Gun Control

The Second Amendment was written for a reason. Taking away our guns in unnecessary and unlawful.

Dear Future President,

Around every corner, there seems to be another shooting. But when will we stop and think about why guns became so popular? Guns have been a major part of American history since those 39 men signed the Constitution.  The Second Amendment has recently become a more controversial idea, with more and more people feeling the need to abolish it.

HowStuffWorks states that guns date back to the 10th century, meaning that guns have been around for roughly 1,000 years. In those years, numerous cities have risen and fallen through the power of the firearm. Without the use of the rifle, our forefathers would not have been able to fight for our independence in the Revolutionary War. Guns play a pivotal role in not only the history of the United States, but also the world. So much so, that the founding fathers felt firearms should be mentioned in the Constitution's Bill of Rights.

It's the very same amendment that's bringing all this controversy. Some Americans are under the impression that laws should be passed limiting firearm use and exchange. They argue that the rate of murders with a gun has increased significantly over the years, and they are correct. But what they're not understanding is that placing stricter rules on guns won't necessarily solve the problem. Take a look at the Chicago Police reports from CBS Chicago. It's been reported that 415 murders took place during 2013, and 503 in 2012. Recall that until 2013, Chicago had placed strict laws against firearms. As soon as the laws were repealed, the crime rate decreased. In fact, Chicago had one of the highest crime rates while the restrictions were enforced.

Another prime example is to look at the possession charges of Marijuana in Colorado before and after legalization. The Huffington Post shared a graph depicting the charges between 2010 and 2014. Near the end of 2012, Marijuana usage was legalized, and the drop between 2012 and 2013 is extensive. This just goes to show that if the government bans something, it's citizens are just going to smuggle it in anyway. If people are determined enough, nothing will stand in their way. 

I'm not trying to say that guns aren't dangerous. In the wrong hands, a gun is a very powerful weapon. But, we are making tremendous strides toward a safer firearm. This includes a fingerprint scanner and background checks prior to sale. All I'm asking from you, Mr/s. President, is that you allow us to continue down the path of gun safety, and to allow your citizens to keep their guns. 



Allen Park High School

APHS Advanced Placement Language and Composition

Allen Park High School is located in Southeastern Michigan. AP Lang studies rhetoric. Additionally, students produce text to narrate, persuade, and inform.

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