Keila R. Arkansas

Stop Gun Violence

Gun violence should be stopped before many more innocent lives are lost.

For the past years we have been experiencing, watching on the news, and listening to the rumors about many people getting killed for no reason. Every year there has been at least 100,000 people shot every day and also an average of 289 people shot each day.I believe that if we could go further into gun violence we could find out a solution to stop gun violence.

Imagine losing one of your close friends or family member? It's sad to think about it but many people don't have to think about because they sadly have already experienced that tragedy.It has not just been grown up people shot.There is also many young people my age and even younger getting shot and there is many people that can stop these things that happen all the time all around the world, but they don't .

Dewitt Middle School

ICT 8th grade

8th grade ICT class at Dewitt Middle School

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