Cho T. Oregon

Gun Control In The US💀

Dear Future President,

I hope that you create a nation where gun control is used not to harm people, but instead we use them to help and protects one another. Last year in 2015, 13,475 people were shot and killed by guns. We really need to reduce the number of people dying because of guns. We need to make it when people want to buy guns, they need to have their background checked and they can't have any crimes committed. People won't be scared to sleep at night as much as they are.

In 2015, their was attacked by a terrorist and nine people have died and seven were injured. By limiting the number of people with guns I think there would be less terrorist attacks. They won't have places to buy guns, but they can always go to the black market at get their weapons there. That's why we need to find where the black markets are shut them down. 

Parents who have kids should keep their guns in a safe where kids can get them. If you can't afford a safe then hide it some where kids can't fine them. Kids might think they are toys and accidentally fire the gun or they might kill themselves. Some kids might keep guns for themselves and one day us them to kill someone because they are angry at them. I home that's the kind of nation that you will create.

Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 3 Social Studies

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