Angelica H. Colorado

The Price of College Today

This article goes over how the price of college is putting students in the "danger zone".

 Dear Mr./Madam President,

        Congrats on winning this latest election. It seemed like it was going back and forth but its finally over. I would like to address the problem of the price of college today and maybe even the upcoming future. It seems from every point I turn to college is getting more and more expensive. Personally, my parents have stated multiple times that I would be paying for college and not them. Getting closer to the age of almost graduating high school I personally need to start my budget that will work with me. 

        As I've noticed, everyone around me and every thing I have read has told me scholarships are getting to receive. That means most students are going to have to pay out their education from their pocket. Another option that works with a healthy budget is taking a student loan. When a college student decides to do this they are starting to head toward the "danger zone". I'm not specifically saying that no one can recover from it but it almost seems impossible or very very hard to accomplish. College students will start having a hard time paying their loans over the course of years after completing their education. Students can start to fall in that "danger zone" if they don't have a place to live or a job. Lowering the price of college would help students avoid the "danger zone". 

       I feel like you personally could help on this issue. Knowing that our country is in deep dept it could help by lowering the price of colleges. Just recently I have thought that our prices on colleges could have a huge affect on the country. Because of these high prices our country keeps falling in to a deeper hole that we just keep digging. Once we have started to change that in a positive way I feel like the country itself should save money for upcoming students for college. In multiple families I know, they give out savings bonds that go directly toward their education in the future...... like college. Imagine how much the country could do if we were able to do this. 

      Looking at all the stuff around me, I have realized people can be educated by themselves without going to college, by just using their high school diploma. Shouldn't we be encouraging students to go to college and learn more. College seems to provide more opportunities than what a high school diploma. It also seems like a lot of jobs that require a college diploma having been making mistakes in their career that people with high school diploma's could solve. This is another reason why our country could be in debt as well. 

      Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this. I hope it makes sense how we need to lower the college prices very soon, due to the affect its taking on the country. It can solve many reasons of why this country is in debt too. 


        Angelica H.