Stephen K. Colorado

Climate Change

Some consider it a hoax, however climate change is a real issue that if we don't work on fixing, could be the end of us.

Dear Madam/ Mr. President:

The climate change or global warming topic has been an issue I’ve heard about throughout my whole life. Recently, I have realized the immense importance, especially now. Humans are playing a huge role in pretty much destroying our planet. Our home. From all the nasty and harmful gasses that we pump into our atmosphere to the sludge we dump into our oceans we are seeing dramatic changes that will in turn change the way we go about our everyday lives. I believe this issue should be one of your top priorities and be attacked with full force because in all reality, we will be the cause of our own extinction.

Global CO2 levels have reached ridiculous heights at 404 parts per million. The safe level for CO2 in our atmosphere is 350 ppm. To many this may not seem to be of any significance; however, all living on Earth will see an impact on their daily lives. CO2 is what is considered to be a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gasses are released into our atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. The gasses cause heat to enter the atmosphere, but make it harder to escape. That is what is warming our world up. In fact, the average temperature is rising at about 1.7 degrees per year. This in turn is causing our poles to melt. This causes the animals that live in that ecosystem to die and causes the sea level to rise. As a matter of fact, sea levels are already rising 3.4 millimeters a year. If that’s not bad enough, coastal cities will be destroyed causing an influx of people inland. It's a domino effect to destruction.

Some may argue that the world always experiences dramatic climate change: ice ages, times of tropics and immense heat. They may say thing like, “it is all natural” or “there’s nothing we can do.” This is absolutely false. A majority of scientists would agree that humans play at least some part in climate change. Because we are playing a role in destroying the planet we live on I feel as though it is our duty to do something about it. We must clean up our own mess.

It may seem like a difficult task to reverse all that we have done. It may even seem like a lost cause. But, if the people work together with our government, we can work to implement laws to reduce our carbon footprint. Laws that enforce the places that garbage trucks can dump so we stop dumping in the ocean. We can also invest money into creating new inventions to help clean our air and ecosystems.


Stephen K